Top Tips: Secrets of success

  1. Evaluate, evaluate and evaluate some more. So many projects fail to secure ongoing funding because their evaluation comes too late and looks retrospectively at outputs rather than the outcomes
  2. When you look at adopting a programme based on evidence recognise that if you change the ways you deliver, administer and measure the programme from the original concept, you must expect the results to differ. Too many programmes don’t follow the guidance they come with and as a result demonstrate poor outcomes
  3. When planning training, look for those providers that are willing to meet with you to tailor the delivery to your needs. There are some great qualifications out there, and some great trainers and working with them to plan your intervention increases the value of your investment
  4. Failure is inevitable in some work and if it can be seen as part of the process in identifying better ways of working or delivering services as you move forward it is essential
  5. Be clear what you are asking for. Often work is commissioned that meets the needs of the provider to a greater extent than that of those paying for it!
  6. Don’t be afraid of difference. Diversity creates innovation, shared learning and empathy.

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